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Helping to restore normal movement patterns

Surgery is generally the final step in any problem and is only undertaken when more conservative measures such as physiotherapy have failed to produce the desired or optimal result.

From orthopaedic surgeries to abdominal and chest surgery, it is of paramount importance that the patient receives effective rehabilitation in order to maximise the chance of a full recovery. Through working in the NHS and privately, at JD Physio our staff have vast experience in post op rehab, with particular reference to orthopaedic work undertaken, including knee and shoulder arthroscopies, joint replacements, ligament/tendon repairs and Spinal surgery.

Over the past 9 years, we have created links with orthopaedic surgeons in South Wales to ensure a direct patient referral pathway.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Head & Neck
At JD Physiotherapy we are well equipped to assess and treat a variety of conditions and injuries affecting the head and neck. Commonly treated head and neck problems include: Headaches, Torticollis/wry neck, Neck Stiffness and Whiplash.
Shoulder pain one of the most common ailments seen medical clinics today and can be very debilitating, affecting our every day function. We have experience in assessing a wide variety of shoulder problems. Common shoulder complaints include: Shoulder impingement, Shoulder dislocation, Frozen shoulder and Rotator cuff dysfunction.
Upper back/thoracic spine
Upper Back There are numerous structures within the thoracic spine which can contribute to painful symptoms. At JD Physiotherapy we are well equipped to assess and investigate which area is at fault and then deliver an appropriate and accurate treatment for your problem. Commonly treated conditions in the thoracic spine include: Disk prolapse Facet joint dysfunction Postural stiffness Muscular tightness.
Injuries and conditions involving the chest can be very painful and include: Rib trauma/fracture, Fractured sternum and Referred pain.
Lower back
Research suggests that back pain affects up to 85% of the population at some point in their lives and remains the most common musculoskeletal complaint we see today. Problems in the lower back we are well qualified to treat include: Disc prolapse, Facet joint pain, Acute low back pain, Muscle spasm, Spondylolisthesis and Osteoarthritis.
Groin pain affects athletes, manual workers and even those who are less active in the general population. Commonly treated conditions involving the groin include: Adductor tendinopathy, Groin strain and Referred pain.
Buttock pain may arise from a variety of different causes. Common complaints treated include: Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, Coccyx pain, Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, Gluteal Strain and Referred pain.
Careful assessment of the hip usually provides an accurate diagnosis as to what is causing your groin pain. Conditions commonly affecting the hip include: Trochanteric Bursitis, Hip Osteoarthritis, Fracture neck or head of femur.
Upper leg
Pain in the upper leg can affect our ability to go about day to day life. At JD Physiotherapy we have experience in treating the following: Sciatica, Hamstring strain and Quadriceps strain.
Injuries and ailments involving the knee joint can result in considerable disability and time off sport/work. At JD Physiotherapy we have a high level of experience in treating a variety of conditions including: ACL injury, MCL injury, Meniscal injury, Patella dislocation and Anterior knee pain.
Lower leg
Injuries and complaints involving the lower leg are common in sport and in every day life and can be very debilitating. Common conditions include: Shin splints, Calf strain and Sciatica.


Pain arising from the ankle and heel area is a common complaint in the general population and inevitably affects our ability to do simple things like running and even walking. Frequently treated conditions involving the ankle and heel include: Sprained ankle, ‘Problem ankle’, Achilles tear, Achilles tendinopathy or ‘tendinitis’ as it used to be known.
Commonly treated conditions affecting the foot include: Plantarfasciitis, Ligament sprain and Calcaneal fracture.

Our Treatments

All our treatments are aimed at reducing pain and discomfort, increasing range of movement if required and ultimately restoring optimal function.




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All of our physiotherapists are registered members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). We are also Registered with all the leading major Insurance providers.

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